Transferable skills

Managing Redundancy
January 28, 2021
March 23, 2021


I’m often asked: “How do I work out my transferable skills?” 

In my experience, if the question is really about “What are my other options?”, then the more important questions, which will answer the transferable skills question too, are: 

  • What things are driving me/motivating me in my career? (ie my professional motivators & situation and my personal situation)
  • Why? (or ‘why not?’ is a good question too)
  • So, given my professional and personal situation, how can I decide on the next steps? Eg:
    • Research other employers, other sectors, other jobs/training/funding etc
    • That is, look at job descriptions, careers information, reputation information (eg Glassdoor), network with people to ask questions & get advice – and record your existing, transferable skills that could map across to new roles – and which you would need to develop.

The result:  your transferable skills.