Navigating a career in a changing technological landscape.

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May 11, 2021
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July 20, 2021

Links like the one at the bottom of this blog focus on career management by looking at the market, especially looking at changes driven by technology.   

That’s only one lens to use though.

It’s empowering to look holistically at your career and make decisions that put you in the driving seat.  Considering all the angles of career management, including work-life balance, income requirements, your range of other motivations, strengths, values, health, career-stage, addressing barriers relating to diversity and inclusion, and so on.  Clarifying to yourself what your core ‘brand’ is, so you can navigate the maze, and be flexible and visible, retaining control of your career.  

These are comments from clients/colleagues in the last few weeks about technology and their careers:

“ I love using data to find patterns and drive ethical change.”

“ I spend my time doing ‘little nothings’ with technology, ignoring the vital xxxx methodology that should be underpinning the team’s activities.”

“ I’ve been away from my job for a couple of years now, and I’m unsure if I’d be employable in it now, the tech has moved on so fast.”

“ My employer didn’t encourage me to look after my learning and development so I didn’t do any, basically.”

Many people are asking themselves: 

  • How much is tech improving or limiting my work satisfaction and career?
  • How up-to-date are my tech skills for the career development I want?
  • Who is looking after my tech skills? (me? employer? Other?)
  • Should I consider a change of career focus in order to re/find the things that drive me at my career stage and life stage?
  • How about re/training for ‘skills shortage’ jobs? (which are often technology-focused)

Link to a report about the future of jobs.

All comments welcome !