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April 1, 2021
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May 26, 2021

Keeping your motivation going when job searching from home.

Below is a great article about motivation, by Maybe put some post-its about this on your fridge to remind you.

The tips in the article can play an important, practical part in keeping your spirits up when job searching from home, as well as for life in general.

Managing your next steps for your career from home can feel exhausting, without the chance to go to face-to-face networking events, meet colleagues for a drink to get their support, or visit colleges and libraries to research and talk with advisers, for example.  

So do take a look at the article below. It mentions things like setting yourself a satisfying, achievable daily task (for example following up on one or two  applications by calling or emailing the employer/recruiter) and then giving yourself a ‘pat on the back’ for finishing that job (eg a nice cuppa when you’ve ticked that task off your list).   Then, even if other things don’t seem to progress much that day, at least you’ve achieved your follow up calls. 

Many life challenges are made better by being kind to yourself and carrying on, step by step,  with regular pats on the back and breaks. 

Each step builds up your career ‘ecosystem’ – with a growing network of people, organisations, information, ideas around you that gradually increase the likelihood of success.