Career crossroads

Whether you are mid-career, or just got going or not far from retirement, career crossroads can happen, for all kinds of reasons.

Redundancy, end of contract, moving home to a new city, redeployment, migration, returning after a career break for health, parenting or other reasons, and so on. Impartial career guidance is way to unpack the situation, holistically, realise what your career drivers are, in your unique situation and life-stage, examine your skills profile and look at the options in a considered way.

By assisting you to research the market, including work and training/education, and to network widely, in your own style, ‘planned happenstance’ can bring up unexpected new options as well as the ones you were maybe hoping for.

Diversity & Inclusion. Obstacles in the way of career growth.

The business case for diversity and inclusion in recruitment is now a routine part of most employers’ websites and overall branding.

However you may be finding that you’re not getting the responses you hope for from recruiters or managers. Even after carefully prepared applications. It’s often a challenge to find out what the reasons are. There are often a range of factors involved, including unconscious bias, ignorance, miscommunications, lack of inclusive corporate systems. It’s key to know your rights and have strategies to present your profile competitively and effectively when making job applications.

Playing to your strengths and approaching recruiters with confidence, able to advocate for yourself if necessary makes a difference. We can discuss your career situation, including aspects of your profile, including those listed as protected characteristics in the Equality Act 2010. That is, Age, Disability, Gender reassignment, Marriage & Civil Partnership, Maternity, Race, Religion, Sexual Orientation.

Are you worried about discrimination or how to approach something connected with a protected characteristic? We can have sensitive, confidential, practical discussions, to move forward. This is a link about best practice.


The service is currently available online (Teams or Zoom), or phone, if preferred. During 2021, when permitted by Coronavirus health guidelines, it will also be available face-to-face at booked venues in London boroughs.Below are Fees Options.Single sessions, 1 month and 2 month Programmes are each tailored to individual clients at the fixed fees below.