Career Journey

Managing your 21st century career journey.

The diagram on this page is from the Career Development Institute. It gives great advice. By using a 1-1 service such as Options, you’ll have expert 1-1 guidance and practical, holistic assistance through that process, using personalised discussions and resources and clear records of discussions and actions.

A ‘positive career’ means something different to everyone, but it will typically include being happy with the way you spend your working time, being able to make a contribution to the people who matter to you and being able to have a decent standard of living.

For many of us, our career isn’t a linear journey, predictable from the start. It’s often a journey of change and sometimes happenstance surprises. Sometimes pleasant surprises, but not always.

We can consistently develop and use a personal career ‘map’ to steer by, in a market that often doesn’t provide one.

Gradually identifying a flexible personal brand of strengths, passions, core skills & experience to help steer through the maze and be visible in a range of sectors and roles, if necessary.

How we respond to unpredictability in our career development is crucial.

• We can nurture an ongoing attitude of curiosity about the direction our careers are developing and why:

• Getting to know our strengths and motivations. Researching future options. Building and nurturing collaborative networks for mutual support. Looking after our professional development. Marking potential short and longer term goals on our ‘map’. Learning from setbacks. Being resilient.

• That helps to identify a flexible personal brand of strengths, core skills & experience & supportive colleagues to help us steer through the maze and be visible in a range of sectors and roles as our 21st century career develops and we may need to change direction or focus.